This documentation supports the 20.23.01 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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20.23.01 enhancements and patches

Review the BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.23.01 enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

VersionFixed issuesUpdates and enhancements
20.23.01Known and corrected issues20.23.01 enhancements


Remedyforce administration

Grant permission set users the ability to utilize Remedyforce features

The purpose of permission sets is to grant users additional permissions beyond what is already included in their profiles. A Remedyforce administrator can add specific permissions to a group of users without changing their profiles. Permission sets are more flexible and allow for a higher level of customization. Users can have more than one permission set regardless of their profile. Learn more about Permission sets Open link

In earlier releases, administrators could grant access to Remedyforce features to all users or users of selected profiles. However, in 20.23.01, Remedyforce administrators can grant access to the following features based on permission sets:

  • Assign an outbound email address to users of specific permission sets by using the Email Conversation Settings page. Learn how to assign an email address to permission set users in Settings for email conversation.

  • Permission set users can use templates to create an incident, change request, release, request detail, or a task record. Learn how to configure templates in Managing templates.

  • Configure queues for users of selected permission sets by using the Manage Queue Availability page. Learn how to configure queues in Managing queues availability and assignment.

Configure the outbound email address for users of permission sets

Configure templates for users of permission sets

Configure queues for users of permission sets

Use flows to automate processes

Salesforce recommends using Flow Builder as an alternative to workflows. Use flows to automate a wide variety of processes, such as data updates, field updates, and record creation. Learn about Configuring flows.

Salesforce retired workflow rules in its Winter'23 release but continues to support existing workflows until further notice. Though editing and activating workflows is possible, creating new workflows is not allowed. See the Salesforce article about workflow rules and process builder Open link

Reset the Salesforce organization password of users

In earlier releases, only system administrators can reset the Salesforce organization password of other users. In 20.23.01, a system administrator can enable a Remedyforce administrator to reset the password of other users by providing the following permissions on the User Edit form:

  • Allow password reset in Remedyforce
  • Remedyforce administrator

When allowed to reset the password of other users, Remedyforce administrators can view the Reset Password button on the Clients form. After clicking this button, the corresponding user receives The user can reset the password by clicking the link in the email.

A Remedyforce administrator can reset the password of all users except for inactive users, system administrators, and clients that have profiles with modify all permission. Learn about Managing clients and staff members.

What else changed in this release

Create list views for service outages

Staff users can create list views for service outages in Remedyforce Console to customize a list of service outage records.

Enhanced user interface for the color picker

The modified user interface of the color picker is visible on the following pages:

  • Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > Consoles
  • Remedyforce CMDB > Launch CMDB Explorer > Line Settings
  • Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service > Branding > Create New Theme

The functionality of the color picker remains unchanged. Moreover, you have the option to specify color by Red Green Blue (RGB) or Hue Saturation Lightness (HSL) values.

The video clip displays the changes made in terms of look and feel.

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