This documentation supports the 20.22.01 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Viewing actionable items list and planning work

The My Work Day section in Remedyforce Console displays the action items that are assigned to the logged-in user.  Metric cards in My Work Day display the metrics of the following modules:

  • Incident
  • Service Request
  • Task
  • Problem
  • Change Request
  • Release
  • Broadcast

Metric cards help staff users in planning and prioritizing their work. 


Make sure that administrators enable My Work Day and configure metric cards in upgraded and freshly installed organizations. For more information, see Enabling My Work Day and configuring console metric cards.

Use case

A staff user is assigned incidents, service requests, and tasks. Rather than browsing through all open records, staff users can view metric cards such as high priority incidents, high priority tasks and so on and plan their work accordingly. They do not have to switch between multiple record types. 

Actions that you can perform in My Work Day

You can perform actions such as viewing metric cards, rearranging them, adding or removing a card from My Work Day, and so on.

1My Work DayTo collapse or expand My Work Day, click this icon.
2RefreshTo view the latest metric data, click this icon.

To remove a card from My Work Day or to add a card, click this icon. You can change the display order of metric cards by clicking the upward and downward arrows.

Alternatively, you can rearrange metric in My Work Day by dragging and dropping them.

4Metric cardsYou can view a maximum of 8 metric cards in My Work Day.
5Number of recordsDisplays the number of records that are relevant to a metric card.
6Module nameDisplays the short form of a module. For example, IN for incidents, TS for tasks, and CR for change requests.
7Records of a metric cardSelect a metric card to view its corresponding records.

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