This documentation supports the 20.22.01 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Using Self Service 3.0

In the BMC Remedyforce 20.17.01 release, the Self Service 3.0 application is generally available. Self Service 3.0 has a more intuitive UI and helps clients to quickly find the information they need. The application helps in increasing self-service adoption and in reducing support costs.

Supported features

The following features are supported in Self Service 3.0:

  • Submitting tickets
  • Requesting services
  • Viewing your submitted tickets and requests
  • Viewing self help articles
  • Viewing service health
  • Viewing assets
  • Viewing broadcasts
  • Approving records
  • Chatting with support agents (staff members)


Some features of Self Service 2.0 are not available in Self Service 3.0. For more information, see Upgrading to Self Service 3.0

Using Self Service 3.0

You can access Self Service 3.0 by using the Remedyforce Self Service tab or by using the URL shared by your IT department. The following figure shows the Home page of Self Service 3.0.


  • If you open a Salesforce Knowledge article in the Firefox browser when the Enhanced Protection Tracking is enabled, the article appears blank.
  • While pasting images or content to rich text format (RTF) fields of records by using right-click and Paste, an error or a warning message is displayed. This issue occurs when Salesforce Spring 21 is rolled out to your production environment.


The following videos show Self Service 3.0 features.

Submit a ticket

This video guides you through submitting a ticket in the Self Service application.

Request a service

This video guides you through submitting a service request through the Self Service application. The video also shows how to view additional information for a value in the lookup fields while submitting a service request.

View my assetsThis video guides you through submitting tickets for the assigned configuration items (CIs) or assets and also viewing tickets related to a CI or asset.

View in my activityThis video guides you through viewing tickets submitted by you or other users and customizing the profile page.

Viewing Smart SuggestionsThis video guides you through using Smart Suggestions while submitting a ticket.

Exporting recordsThis video guides you through exporting records from View in My Activity.

Searching through SuperboxThis video guides you through carrying out search using Superbox.

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