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Troubleshooting issues related to Remedyforce Console

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If I search, sort, or filter records in a list view, I don't see all relevant results. 
  • Select the Enable Optimized Console List View check box from Remedyforce Administration > Consoles.
  • Make sure that the following prerequisites are met before you select the Enable Optimized Console List View checkbox:  

    • The API Enabled check box is selected for the required profiles from Setup > Administer > Manage Users > Profiles > Administrative Permissions.
    • In your organization, the Use enhanced domains check box from Setup > Domain Management > My Domain is selected. For more information, see  Salesforce help Open link
  • After enabling the optimized console list view feature, make sure that the System Administrator profile user who has the permissions to create or update remote site settings clicks the Remedyforce Administration tab. The remote site setting gets created or updated with a Salesforce base URL.
  • After enabling the enhanced list view feature, the remote site setting gets created automatically. However, if the remote site setting does not get created, gets created with a wrong format or incorrect details, or gets deleted, you can perform any of the following correction procedures:
      • Disable the enhanced list view feature and again enable it. The remote site setting gets created or the existing remote site setting gets corrected.
      • In case of wrong remote site setting, update it manually from Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings > SalesforceBaseUrl.
      • If the Remote site setting is not present, create it manually. For instructions, see Salesforce help.

Even after applying the above settings, if you still notice any issues with list views, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Security > Session Settings.
  2. Clear the Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated check box.

Site URL does not work in a sandbox organization after selecting the Enable Optimized Console List View check box.

Navigate to Setup > Custom Settings > Remedyforce Settings > isSandbox.

Make sure the value of isSandbox is set to TRUE only for sandboxes.

If you change the label of a queue, the changed label name is not reflected in the Queue column of the Remedyforce Console list view.Create a custom formula field to display queues and add the field to the list view.
You are not able to view service requests records in the Incident tab.

If the Segregate Incidents and Service Requests check box is enabled and you do not have access to view incidents, then service requests records are not displayed in the Incident list view.

You must click Remedyforce Console > Views > Service Requests to view the service requests records.

To show only incidents in the Incidents list view (rather than showing both incidents and service requests), modify the All list view and perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Remedyforce Administration tab.
  2. On the Home page > Application Settings > Console, add the following condition in the Specify Filter Criteria section: Is Service Request equals False.
  3. Select the Segregate Incidents and Service Requests check box.
  4. Click .

The system displays the following error when a record is submitted for approval.

No applicable approval process found

The submitted record does not match the criteria specified in any of the approval processes.
(Mozilla Firefox) On a deployed domain, users are unable to delete linked records from any of the related lists for Remedyforce Console modules.

To delete linked records, you need to disable the Tracking Protection feature. Perform the following steps to disable the feature:

  1. Click the Tracking protectionicon.
  2. Click Disable protection for this site button.

Once you have disabled the protection, you can delete the linked records.
Non-administrative users get the insufficient privileges error while accessing records. For example, non-administrative users might get the error while accessing incident records from Remedyforce Console > My Dashboard

Enable the BMCServiceDesk__ConsoleRouting Visualforce page for the affected user's profile from Setup > Manage Users > Profiles or Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets.


Watch the following video (1:09) to know how to deal with the errors while enabling the Display Multiple Views option

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