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Troubleshooting issues related to console metric cards

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The following table lists the issues related to console metric cards:

I enabled the My Work Day setting and configured metric cards. Though records are present in my organization, metric cards display 0 count in Remedyforce Console.

Check the following settings and modify them if required:

  • The API Enabled check box is selected for the required profiles in Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > Administrative Permissions
  • After enabling this feature, make sure that the System Administrator profile user who has the necessary permissions to create or update remote site settings clicks the Remedyforce Administration tab. The remote site setting gets created or updated with a Salesforce base URL.
  • After enabling the My Workday feature, the remote site setting gets created automatically. However, if the remote site setting does not get created, or gets created with the wrong format or incorrect details, or gets deleted, you can perform any of the following correction procedures:
    • Disable the My Workday feature and again enable it. The remote site setting gets created or the existing remote site setting gets corrected.
    • In case of wrong Remote site setting, update it manually from Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings > SalesforceBaseUrl.
    • If the Remote site setting is not present, create it manually. For instructions, see Salesforce help.

Even after applying the above settings, if you still notice that metric cards display 0 count in Remedyforce Console, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Security > Session Settings.
  2. Clear the Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated check box.

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