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Restricting access to records for which the staff user is the client

You can restrict the display of the incidents and service requests in Remedyforce Console to the users who are clients for those records. This feature ensures that if a staff user submits a record on which an action is to be taken by another department, the staff user does not see that record in Remedyforce Console. To restrict access to such records, a new configuration setting, Restrict access when the staff user is the client of that record, is introduced.


A staff user from the Information Technology department raises a service request regarding an issue to the Human Resources department. Since the staff user also has access to Remedyforce Console, the staff user can see the details that are added by the Human Resources department to the submitted request, though the staff user should not see those details. To restrict the access for that service request, administrators can enable the Restrict access when the staff user is the client of that record setting so that the user can see the status and response for the request only through the Self Service portal.

The Restrict access when the staff user is the client of that record setting is available only for incidents and service requests. The records are filtered only for the following pages:

  • Remedyforce Console list view
  • Incident Matching
  • Smart Suggestions
  • QuickViews
  • Remedyforce Search
  • Remedyforce Knowledge Search
  • Viewing of records through email record links in Remedyforce Console

For more information about enabling the restriction for accessing the records, see Customizing the Remedyforce Console tab.

Known limitations

Even if you have enabled the Restrict access when the staff user is the client of that record setting, staff users can still view the records from the following locations:

  • SmartViews
  • Standard layouts
  • Self Service portal
  • Salesforce global search, reports, and dashboard. You can restrict the record access from these locations by including the Launch Console field in the layouts of global search, reports, and dashboard.

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