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Importing users from an LDAP server

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The Pentaho package to import data from LDAP and LDAP 2.0 server is deprecated and will no longer be available after the BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 20 release. However, LDAP 2.0 server with permissions is supported. For more information about the package, see BMC Remedyforce Support Files for LDAP Integration Open link .

This section provides information about importing users from an LDAP server into your Salesforce organization by using the Pentaho Data Integration tool. The Pentaho package for importing users from an LDAP server is provided on the BMC Communities website. The LDAP package enables you to import existing users from an Active Directory server into your Salesforce organization, instead of creating users in BMC Remedyforce. This package is designed specifically to support permission sets and enable the administrators to assign Remedyforce managed package licenses to the imported users.

Refer to the following table for more information about the package:

GoalTo import users (clients and staff members) from an LDAP server and assign the Salesforce Platform license to these users. Also, to assign permission sets and the BMC Remedyforce package license to the imported users.
Package download details
DocumentationImporting Salesforce Platform license users with assigned permission sets from an LDAP server.

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