This documentation supports the 20.22.01 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Enabling staff members to see Incident form fields in Service Request forms

If clients send an email message to helpdesk email address, such as, an incident is created in BMC Remedyforce. In the email message, it is possible that clients send requests for services. In those cases, staff members must update the incident by selecting required request definition.

Forms for Incidents and Service Requests are created by using the field sets of the Incident object. Different field sets are used for incident and service request records.

When staff members open a converted service request in the Service Requests module, all incident fields may not show in the service request because those fields are not made available in the service requests field sets. You must make the required fields available in the field sets for service requests in the Incident object. The following out-of-the-box field sets are provided in the Incident object for service requests:

  • Console - Service Request Detail (shown by default)
  • Console - Assignment Details (shown by default)
  • Console - Client Details
  • Console - Date and Time
  • Console - Incident Details
  • Console - Service and CI
  • Console - Status and Priority

For more information, see Customizing forms for the Remedyforce Console tab. You can also create custom field sets for service requests and add the required fields to the field set. Ensure that you prefix the custom service request field sets with "Console_".

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