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Enabling My Work Day and configuring console metric cards

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Administrators can enable My Work Day and configure metric cards. The configured cards are displayed in Remedyforce Console under My Work Day.  Metric cards help staff users in planning and prioritizing their work. 

Use case

A staff user is assigned incidents, service requests, and tasks. Rather than browsing through all open records, staff users can view metric cards such as high priority incidents, high priority tasks and so on and plan their work accordingly. They do not have to switch between multiple record types. 

To enable My Work Day and configure console metric cards

Administrators can create and edit metric cards. They can filter and search the existing cards, and move cards up and down depending on their preference.

  1. Navigate to Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings.
  2. Select My Work Day.
  3. Configure the following settings:

    #FieldDescription / Instructions
    1Enable My Work DaySlide this option to enable My Work Day for staff users.

    To search a card, enter keywords.

    You can filter active or inactive metric cards for a specific object or all objects.


    To move an existing card up or down, click these buttons.
    5Add newClick this button to add a new card.
    6Card TitleEnter a name for a metric card.
    7ModuleSelect a module from the list. For example, if you are creating a metric card for incidents, you must select Incident from the list
    8Source View

    Select a view for the card. The Source View list displays views based on the selected module. These are Salesforce views.

    After selecting a view, a link to the view is displayed. Click the link to edit the view.

    Note: Users who have access to source views can view the corresponding metric cards in Remedyforce Console.

    9PreviewThis section provides the preview of the card that you are creating.
    • The name of the card is displayed as Title till you update the Card Title field.
    • The number of records field displays a dummy number.
    10Font colorNumber of records is displayed in the selected color.
    11ResetResets the font color.
    12InactiveInactive metric cards are not displayed in Remedyforce Console. Select this check box if a metric card no longer displays the required data or the Source View assigned to it is no longer in use.
    13DeleteDeletes the selected metric card.
  4. Click Save

    After enabling the My Work Day feature, make sure that the System Administrator profile user who has the permissions to create or update remote site settings clicks the Remedyforce Administration tab. The remote site setting gets created or updated with a Salesforce base URL.

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