This documentation supports the 20.22.01 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Creating a service request

Follow the steps given below to create a service request:

  1. Click the Remedyforce Console tab.
  2. From the View menu, select Service Requests and click New.

  3. In the Client ID field, select the client.
    If a client is not available, to add a new client, click . Alternatively, in the Users lookup, click the Create New Client button. The option to add a new client is also shown when you type client ID in the Client ID field, and press Tab
  4. In the Category field, select a category for the record.
    By default, you can view categories for service requests in the category tree. To view categories for incidents, click , select Incident Categories, and click Apply.

    If you do not select a category for the service request, the category of the selected request definition is saved in the Category field after you click Save.


    • After saving the record, you cannot change the request definition.
    • For custom fields of type Rich Text Area, hovering over the Info icon displays help text for the field.
    • For request input fields of type Text Area (Rich), clicking the Info icon displays the URL configured for the input field.
    • For custom fields of type Picklist (Multi-Select), hovering over the Comment icon displays help text for the field.
    • For request input fields of type Picklist (Multi-Select), hovering over the Comment icon displays the tooltip configured for the input field.
  5. In the Request Definition field, select the request definition for the service request.
    For example, you are raising the service request to issue a laptop to the client, select the request definition to issue a laptop. The details that you must provide to fulfill the service request are shown in the Service Request Details section.

  6. In the Assignment Details section, select the owner of the request.
  7. In the Service Request Detail: <Request Definition Name> section, enter the details required to fulfill the service request.
  8. Click Save.

    If the system administrator has activated the Notify the client when a service request is created workflow, an email message is sent to the client when you create the record. If you select a lead as the client, no email message is sent.


If you apply a request definition to a service request, and the request definition has multiple linked task templates, then the tasks are created in a separate process after the service request is saved. It may take some time for the linked tasks to be displayed in the record details, or you may need to reload the record details. 

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