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Stores information about an entity managed by a BIOS, an operating system, or other software that is available for use by application software, logical devices, or both.

System resources are individually identified and allocated entities that can be assigned, reserved, counted, tracked, released, reset, and so on.

Examples of software resources are message queues, shared memory segments (identified by a key value), and named pipes. Examples of hardware resources in an x86 environment are IRQs, DMA channels, and memory-mapped I/O.

Class type


Direct known subclass


Attribute summary

AttributeData typeDescription
PropertiesText (255)A list of read-after-write (RAW) resource properties, such as driver configuration.

Inherited attributes

Inherited from classInherited attributes

Asset #, CI Status, Class ID, Class Name, Description, Instance Name, Location, Mark As Deleted, Model Manufacturer, Model Name, Notes, Primary Client, Priority, Serial #, Short Description, Site, Stage, Supported, Supported By, Token Id, Version Number, Warranty Exp Date

BMC_SystemComponentSystem Class ID, System Name, Is Virtual
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