This documentation supports the 20.22.01 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Stores information about a raw storage extent that a virtual or physical machine can access. The storage extent has a volume manager to manage the storage directly, from the host machine or from the network storage. For example, in a Linux environment, one or more physical volumes (PVs) are created from a disk drive, and logical volumes are created from these PVs.

Class type


Direct known subclasses


Attribute summary

AttributeData typeDescription
LUN IDNumber (18, 0)The logical unit number (LUN) identifier of a device, which is addressed by the SCSI protocol or similar protocols, such as Fiber Channel and iSCSI.

Inherited attributes

Inherited from classInherited attributes

Asset #, CI Status, Class ID, Class Name, Description, Instance Name, Location, Mark As Deleted, Model Manufacturer, Model Name, Notes, Primary Client, Priority, Serial #, Short Description, Site, Stage, Supported, Supported By, Token Id, Version Number, Warranty Exp Date

BMC_SystemComponentSystem Class ID, System Name, Is Virtual
BMC_StorageExtentAvailable Capacity, Block Size, Connection Type, Number of Blocks
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