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Stores information about a contiguous range of logical blocks on a storage medium that supports storing and retrieving data, for example, an external hard disk.

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Attribute summary

AttributeData typeDescription
Available CapacityNumber (15, 2)Specifies the total amount of free space (in bytes) that is available on the given storage extent. If the free space is unknown, enter 0.
Block SizeNumber (15, 2)Specifies the size of the blocks (in bytes), that form the given storage extent. If the block size is variable, ensure that you specify the maximum block size in bytes. If the block size is unknown, enter 1.
Connection TypeText (30)The storage protocol used to communicate with the storage controller, such as SCSI, iSCSI, or FCoE.
Number Of BlocksNumber (15, 2)The total number of logical, contiguous blocks that form the given storage extent. You can calculate the total size of the storage extent by multiplying values in the Block Size with Number Of Blocks fields. A value of 1 in the Block Size field represents the total size (in bytes) of the storage extent.

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