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Stores information about devices on which data can be stored, such as hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and tapes.

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Long Text Area (32000)

The list of device capabilities.

Compression MethodText (60)The free-form string that specifies the algorithm or tool that the device uses to support compression.
Default Block SizeNumber (15, 2)The default block size for the device (in bytes).
Drive SCSI Target IDNumber (18, 0)The SCSI identification number of the media drive.
Drive SizeNumber (15, 2)The size of the media drive (in gigabytes). To calculate the size, multiply the number of cylinders, the tracks in each cylinder, the sectors in each track, and the memory (in Gigabytes) in each sector.
Driver Interface TypeText (30)The interface type of the media drive. For example, SCSI and SATA.
Maximum Block SizeNumber (15, 2)The maximum block size for media accessed by the device (in bytes).
Maximum Media SizeNumber (15, 2)The maximum size of media supported by the device (in kilobytes).
Media TypePicklist

The type of media. The following options are provided:

  • Removable media
  • Fixed hard disk
  • Unknown
Minimum Block SizeNumber (15, 2)The minimum block size for media accessed by the device (in bytes).
Number Of Media SupportedNumber (18, 0)The maximum number of individual media devices that the device can support or that can be inserted into the device.

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