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Stores information about mainframe computer systems.

Class type

CI and Asset

Direct known subclasses


Attribute summary

AttributeData typeDescription
Available CPsNumber (18, 0)

The number of available central processors configured for customer use.

Available IFAsNumber (18, 0)The number of available integrated file adapters configured for customer use.
Available IFCsNumber (18, 0) The number of available interface cards configured for customer use.
Available IFLsNumber (18, 0) The number of available integrated Linux facilities configured for customer use.
Grid LocationText (64) The physical location of the central electronic complex.
Installed CPsNumber (18, 0) The number of central processors that are installed.
Installed CPUsNumber (18, 0) The number of CPUs installed on the computer. This value is not necessarily the number of CPUs available to customers.
Installed DASDNumber (18, 0) The number of logical, direct-access storage device drives installed.
Number Of ChannelsNumber (18, 0) The number of channel path identifiers (CHPIDs) or I/O channels available for customer use.
Number Of LPARSNumber (18, 0) The number of logical partitions configured.
Physical MemoryNumber (18, 0) The amount of physical memory available for customer use (in megabytes).

Inherited attributes

Inherited from classInherited attributes

Asset #, Asset Age, Asset Birthdate, Asset Status, CI Status, Class ID, Class Name, Description, Instance Name, Location, Mark As Deleted, Model Manufacturer, Model Name, Notes, Primary Client, Priority, Serial #, Short Description, Site, Stage, Supported, Supported By, Token Id, Version Number, Warranty Exp Date

BMC_SystemIs Virtual
BMC_ComputerSystemAdmin Password Status, Boot ROM Supported, Capability List, Chassis Bootup State, Configuration Options, Data Rate, DHCP Use, Domain, Environment Specification, Expansion, Expansion Interface, Firmware Version, Flash Memory, Frequency, Host Name, Input Current, Input Voltage, Maximum Consumption, Media Supported, Number Of Slots, Other Capability Description, Ports Per Slot, Primary Capability, Reset Capability, Reset Count, Reset Limit, System OID, System Type, Thermal State, Total Physical Memory, Virtual System Type, Workgroup
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