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Stores information about groups of related IP protocol endpoints that can communicate with each other as members of a subnet.

Class type


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Attribute summary

AttributeData typeDescription
Address TypePicklist

The format of the Name and Subnet Number fields. The following options are provided:

  • Unknown
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
Exploration DateDate/TimeThe last exploration date of the subnet.
Prefix LengthNumber (18, 0)The prefix length for IPv6 addresses in the IP subnet. Specify this value if the value in the Address Type field is set to IPv6.
Subnet MaskText (30)The mask for the starting IPv4 address of the IP subnet. Specify this value if the value in the Address Type field is set to IPv4.
Subnet NumberText (39)The IP address of the entire subnet, formatted according to the convention specified in the Address Type field. The value must match the attribute Name value. For example, subnet number can be in IPv4 format and 2607:f238:0002/48 in IPv6 format.

Inherited attributes

Inherited from classInherited attributes

Asset #, CI Status, Class ID, Class Name, Description, Instance Name, Location, Mark As Deleted, Model Manufacturer, Model Name, Notes, Primary Client, Priority, Serial #, Short Description, Site, Stage, Supported, Supported By, Token Id, Version Number, Warranty Exp Date

BMC_ConnectivityCollectionConnectivity Collection Type, Connectivity Status
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