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Stores information about all documents related to an IT infrastructure in the CMDB. This class categorizes any type of documented information in your IT environment, and includes attributes that specify various properties of the documentation. It also includes an attachment field for storing documentation.

Class type


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Attribute summary

AttributeData typeDescription
AuthorText (255)The name of the person who wrote the document.
Document DateDate/TimeThe date and time when the document was created.
Document SizeText (255)The size of the document (in bytes).
Document StatusPicklist

The status of the document. The following options are provided:

  • None
  • Draft
  • Pre-Released
  • Released
  • Obsolete
Document TypeText (255)The format of the document file (for example, Microsoft Word, PDF, or text).
End DateDate/TimeThe end date of a contract that establishes a specific agreement between a provider and a customer.
File NameText (255)The name of the document file. If the document is not attached to the instance, you can include the full path to the file.
KeywordsText (255)A set of words that convey the subject of the document and allow others to search for it.
LocaleText (255)The geographical area for which the document is localized. The value must be a locale code (for example, en_US).
Start DateDate/TimeThe start date of a contract that establishes a specific agreement between a provider and a customer.

Inherited attributes

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