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Stores information about a structured process:

  • A business service is provided by one business for another, or by one organization for another within the same business (for example, customer support, order processing, and payroll).
  • A technical service is provided by an IT organization to support business services or IT's own operations (for example, employee provisioning, backup and recovery, and self-service help desk).

Class type

CI and Asset

Direct known subclasses


Attribute summary

AttributeData typeDescription
CostCurrency (14, 2)Cost of the service.
Cost DescriptionText (255)Details of the cost of the service.
End DateDate/TimeThe date on which the service ends.
InactiveCheckboxSpecifies whether or not the service is active.
PriceCurrency (14, 2)Price of the service to the customer.
Service HoursLookup (Business Hours)The effective hours of the service.
Service OwnerLookup (User)The owner of the service.
Service ProviderLookup (Account)The account that is providing the service.
Service Review DateDate/TimeThe date on which the service is scheduled for a review.
Service TypePicklist

The type of service, such as Business or Technical. The following options are provided:

  • Unknown
  • BusinessService
  • TechnicalService
  • Offering
Start DateDate/TimeDate on which the service starts.
Sub-Service ofLookup (Base Element)The parent service to which the service offering belongs.
VendorLookup (Account)The account that is a vendor for the service.

Inherited attributes

Inherited from classInherited attributes

Asset #, Asset Age, Asset Birthdate, Asset Status, CI Status, Class ID, Class Name, Description, Instance Name, Location, Mark As Deleted, Model Manufacturer, Model Name, Notes, Primary Client, Priority, Serial #, Short Description, Site, Stage, Supported, Supported By, Token Id, Version Number, Warranty Exp Date

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