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BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.22.01 Patch 1 sandbox testing guidelines

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The BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.22.01 (Winter 22) Patch 1 release contains a few defect fixes to improve the product quality. We recommend that if you choose to self-upgrade, then you must first upgrade and test 20.22.01 Patch 1 in your sandbox organization before pushing this version to your production organization.

This topic provides testing recommendations related to defect fixes that are addressed in the BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.22.01 Patch 1 release. Note that these guidelines do not cover all customizations or configurations that are specific to your organization. Hence, it is recommended that you use this document as a reference for understanding the possible product areas, which are updated. As partners and customers, do not limit your validations to the testing guidelines mentioned in this topic. You must also execute your test cases to ensure all the use cases important to your business continue to work as expected.

For more information on the release details, refer to the BMC Helix Remedyforce 20.22.01 Patch 1 release notes.

The following table explains the recommended validations.

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Product Area / FeatureSub FeatureRecommended Validation
Remedyforce ConsoleList view
  • Remedyforce Console list views must load in all supported browsers without any additional space at the bottom of the Remedyforce Console page. Verify this when you expand or collapse My Work Day in Remedyforce Console.
  • Verify if you are able to perform all actions successfully in list views.
Remedyforce CMDBList view

When searching records in Remedyforce CMDB, verify if a date field is displayed in the correct format.

Remedyforce ConsoleQuickViews

Verify if quickviews are loading successfully.

Remedyforce AdministrationLink a configuration item to a client
  • While linking a configuration item (CI) or service to a client from the Supporting Information section, verify if you can navigate through the previous and next pages. 
  • Make sure that you can link CIs and services to a client.
Remedyforce Console

Problem Management

Incident Management

Ensure that when more than 100 incidents are linked to a problem, and the problem is closed along with linked incidents, the resolution entered while closing the problem appears in the Resolution field of linked incidents.  

Getting Started

Remedyforce Administration

All actions

Ensure that you can perform all actions successfully on the following tabs:

  • Getting Started
  • Remedyforce Administration

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