This documentation supports the 20.21.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Using lookups and searching in Salesforce page layout

When you click the lookup icon without entering a search string, the Lookup window appears with the recently visited records. All records are not displayed in the Lookup window. Salesforce displays the recently visited records to improve performance and speed up data retrieval. You can view all records by clicking the Show all results link.

The following table lists additional information about lookups:

Type of informationLink
  • Type of lookups
  • Lookup auto-completion
  • Tips for using standard and enhanced lookups
Enabling enhanced lookups
Enabling lookup auto-completion

List of fields used for matching when searching in the standard or enhanced lookups.

By default, Salesforce searches only on the Name field for custom objects.
To extend the search to other fields of custom objects, perform the following actions for the required custom objects:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. In the Custom Objects page, click <custom object name>.
  3. In the Search Layouts section, click Edit for the Lookup Filter Fields layout.
  4. From the Available Fields list, select the fields that you want to be searched in the lookups.
  5. Click the right arrow to move the selected fields to the Selected Fields list.
  6. Click Save.

Show Filters | Hide Filters link appears on the lookups. This link allows you to filter by the selected fields.
Overview of searching in Salesforce
How search works in Salesforce
Tips for searching in Salesforce
Refining the search
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