This documentation supports the 20.21.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Providing a shortcut to create new records

You can add a link to create a record of all the objects that are accessible to a user in the Create New menu. The following figure shows the Create New menu on the UI.

These links enable users to create a record of an object without navigating to the tab of that object. Links to the objects for which users have access are displayed in the menu. If your users are using the Remedyforce Console, Incident Console, or Task Console tabs, the Salesforce page layout for objects is shown.

To add the Create New button, you must create a custom home page layout in Salesforce and assign that layout to the ServicedeskStaff profile.


If you have enabled the enhanced profile user interface in your Salesforce organization, the steps to provide a shortcut to create new records are different. For information about using the Enhanced Profile User Interface, see Salesforce Help.

To provide a shortcut to create new records

  1. Click the Remedyforce Administration tab.
  2. On the Home page, click the Manage Users tile, and from the menu select Profiles.
  3. On the Profiles page, in the Action column for the ServicedeskStaff profile, click Edit.
  4. In the General User Permissions section, clear the Edit Events and Edit Tasks check boxes and select the Show Custom Sidebar On All Pages check box.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Assign the appropriate home page layout to the ServicedeskStaff profile to provide the shortcut to create new records.
    1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Layouts.
    2. On the Home Page Layouts page, click Remedyforce Home.
    3. Click Clone.
    4. In the Custom Home Page field, type a name, such as Remedyforce Staff, and click Save.
    5. On the Edit Home Layout page, in the Select Wide Components to Show section, clear the Tasks and Calendar check boxes and select the Dashboard Snapshot check box.
    6. In the Select Narrow Components to Show section, clear the Portal Sidebar Search and BMC Remedyforce check boxes.
      You can opt not to select the BMC Remedyforce check box because it contains links related to BMC Remedyforce and documentation.
    7. In the Select Narrow Components to Show section, ensure that the Remedyforce Search and Create New check boxes are selected, and click Next.
    8. On the Step 2. Order the components page, click Save & Assign.
    9. On the Home Page Layout Assignment page, for the ServicedeskStaff profile select the home page layout that you have created (Remedyforce Staff).
    10. Click Save.
    When staff members who belong to the ServicedeskStaff profile log on, they can create a record by clicking the required link in the Create New button.
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