This documentation supports the 20.21.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Customizing forms in Salesforce page layout

You can add or remove the following options on the Salesforce page layout of object forms (Incident, Tasks, Problems, Change Requests, Releases, Broadcast, and Knowledge Article):

  • Fields
  • Buttons
  • Visualforce Pages
  • Related Lists

To customize Salesforce page layout

  1. On the record details form of the object for which you want customize the layout (such as Incident details form), click Edit Layout.
  2. To add a field on the layout, drag the required field to the required section.
  3. To add a button, click Buttons in the palette.
  4. Drag the required button to the Custom Buttons section.
  5. To add a Visualforce page, click Visualforce Pages in the palette.
  6. Drag the required Visualforce page to the required section.
    If you are adding the StaffAssignmentPage Visualforce page, BMC recommends that you remove the Owner field from the Staff Assignment Details section. You must adjust the height of the StaffAssignmentPage component to avoid displaying white space on the form.


    If you are adding the Add Notes option on a page layout, BMC recommends that you create a separate section on your layout with a meaningful name and add the Add Notes option to that section, otherwise a text box without label is displayed on the layout.

  7. To add a related list, click Related Lists in the palette.
  8. Drag the required related list to the required location on the form.
  9. To remove any of these UI components, drag the component from the layout to the palette.
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