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Troubleshooting issues related to dynamic field rendering

Though dynamic field rendering is enabled for fields, either the configured field display criteria is not applied or the fields are not visible on the ticket layout because of the following reasons:

The field for which you have configured the display criteria does not exist on the selected ticket layout.

For example, you configured the field display criteria for the
Employee ID field and later the field is removed from the ticket layout. The configured criteria are not applied when creating or editing tickets in Self Service 3.0.

Either add the missing field or configure the field display criteria again.

Field display criteria is defined for interdependent fields.

For example, the Service Provider field is used in the field display conditions of the Network ID field. The Network ID field is used in the field display conditions of the Service Provider field.

In this scenario, the field display conditions are applied, but both the fields are not displayed on the ticket layout.

Modify the field display criteria to remove the interdependency.

A field that you have used to define the display criteria is removed from the relevant field set. A warning icon is displayed on the Conditions tab.

Perform the following steps to remove the condition:

  1. Click Display if.
    The Field Conditions window displays the defined conditions. The condition defined for the deleted field is highlighted.
  2. Select the condition and click the Remove icon.

For a Remedyforce Console staff user, some fields are not visible on the Incident or Service Request form even after the conditions to display those fields have been satisfied.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Verify the field level security since the user must have READ permission.
  2. Check if the controlling fields are visible.

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