This documentation supports the 20.20.01 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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VPAT and WCAG accessibility for Self Service 3.0

Self Service 3.0 supports 508 compliance with respect to VPAT 2.3 and WCAG 2.1 guidelines. When the accessibility mode is enabled, you can view the following changes:

  • The screens of Self Service are presented in accessibility mode to the client users. 
  • Focused element is highlighted with border.
  • Categories are shown in the list view instead of the tree view.

Note that any specific color settings or logos required for accessibility users in Self Service 3.0 can be set using the Branding option under Remedyforce Administration > Configure Self Service.

For more information about the 508 compliance, refer the following sections:

Areas that are 508 compliant

This following areas are 508 compliant. Note that 508 compliance in Self Service 3.0 is verified only for the English language users.

  • Login page
  • Forgot Password page
  • Home page containing the sidebar navigation and Superbox and the tiles
  • Superbox search result navigation
  • In the sidebar navigation, the following areas are compliant:
    • Submit a Ticket
    • Request a Service
    • View Self Help Articles
    • View in My Activity
    • Drafts
  • My Profile
  • Broadcast popup

The following areas are not 508 compliant:

  • Manage Approvals
  • View My Assets
  • View Service Health
  • Smart Suggestions
  • Date and Date Time fields in Submit Ticket and Request Service
  • Dynamic field rendering in forms


Client users can use the accessibility feature if the following conditions are met:

  • The accessibility mode must be enabled for the client. 
    To enable the accessibility mode, ensure that the Remedyforce Accessibility Mode check box is added to the User Layout. For more information about adding the check box, see To add the accessibility mode check box to User Layout.
  • The client should have a text to speech reader software.

To enable the accessibility mode for a user

  1. Go to Remedyforce Administration > Manage Users > Add and Edit User.
  2. Click Edit for the user for whom the accessibility option needs to be enabled.
  3. Select the Remedyforce Accessibility Mode check box.

To add the accessibility mode check box to User Layout

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. In the Search box, type Users.
  3. Select Field Sets under Build > Users.
  4. Click Edit against Main Panel.
  5. Add the Remedyforce Accessibility Mode field in the fieldset list.
  6. Click Save.

Known limitations when keyboard is used as an input device

A screen reader does not read the radio buttons in the correct sequence. Note that, for all options of radio buttons, the sequence number is read as one. All browsers
Users cannot select multiple items in a multi pick list using the CTRL key.All browsers
A screen reader does not read the sequence number of items in a picklist.All browsers
When a user comes back to the Home screen from any internal screen of Self Service 3.0, focus doesn’t come back to same location from where the user had started earlier.All browsers

A screen reader does not read the sequence number of records while navigating through the list in Common Tickets, Common Service Requests, and so on.

Internet Explorer 11
A screen reader at some places reads junk text, such as HTML attributes. For example, the Login page.Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge
Delete button doesn't work for attachments even if the focus is on the button. Screen reader reads background content from the delete popup and the background content from the Attachments popup. Some content is read multiple times.All browsers
On Home page, count of records are not read for sections Self Help Articles and Common Service Requests.All browsers
A screen reader does not read disabled fields and buttons during the Tab navigation.All browsers

A screen reader does not always read Loading and Loading Completed messages that are included at different places in Self Service 3.0. These messages are added at certain places in Self Service 3.0 to inform user about screen loading and loading completion.

All browsers

Some links, such as Home and Back links, when clicked take too much time to go to previous page.

Internet Explorer 11
A screen reader reads a service request ticket in edit mode as list view. It also reads some content multiple times.All browsers
Rich Text Fields menu items added on forms are not accessible during the Tab navigation.All browsers

The Submit a Ticket window cannot be closed by pressing the Escape key.

To close the Submit a Ticket window, use the Tab key navigation to move the focus to the Close icon, and then press the SPACE or the ENTER key.

Microsoft Edge
  • Highlight does not work correctly for list such as Tile list or a user drop-down list.
  • When user navigates to Return to Salesforce in My Profile, a screen reader reads it twice. When the focus is moved to Return to Salesforce, a screen reader reads it as My Profile.
  • A screen reader reads a new line as a space between list, but only at the first time.
Mac Safari

Users cannot select Date and Date/Time on Submit Ticket and Service Request forms by using keyboard controls. However, users can enter Date and Date/Time values manually. 

Administrators should define Date and Date/Time formats in the tooltips of labels so that screen reader can read the format to users for entering correct values.

All browsers
On Broadcast Panel, the broadcast priority is not read correctly.Internet Explorer 11
When the screen reader is enabled, the Space and Enter keys do not work to open the View All Broadcasts popup.Microsoft Edge
Screen reader does not inform that knowledge articles should be read using the Up and Down arrow keys.All browsers

After clearing the Superbox search results by using the Clear icon and the Space key, the focus is moved to Superbox. However, users cannot type anything and the screen reader continues to read the Superbox search tabs.

Internet Explorer 11
The Delete button does not work for the Draft list.All browsers

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