This documentation supports the 20.19.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Viewing and assigning a suggested category to an incident

If the Auto Categorization feature is enabled and an incident is created without a category, then:

  • Incidents created with a blank category are automatically assigned a category based on the incident description and if the confidence score of the cognitive category suggestion is greater than or equal to the expected confidence score set by the Remedyforce administrator. 
  • Provision for staff users to select a category from the suggested categories for those incidents for which the category is populated from the category lookup or by auto assignment.

To select from the suggested list of categories, a new icon  is displayed. Note that it appears only for the out-of-the-box category lookup fields. If the category is already populated using the Auto Categorization feature, then the icon changes to .

Viewing the categorization mode

A new field, Categorization Mode, is available for administrators and can be added in the List View. This field can have the following values:

  • Automatic: When the category is populated automatically based on the confidence score and the applicable entitlements. 
  • Suggested: Staff user selects a category from the suggested category list. 
  • Blank: If the Category is not filled by the Auto Categorization feature.

 To select a suggested category

  1. Open the required incident.
  2. Click the Suggested Categories icon  next to the Category field.
    A list of categories (maximum 10) is displayed in a pop up box along with their confidence scores.
  3. Select the required category from the list.
    Note that the Categorization Mode column in the list view shows Suggested for this record. 

The following image shows a list of suggested categories.

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