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Tasks in Self Service 2.0

This section provides information about how to use Self Service.

Search for information about using Self Service

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The following table will help you to understand the tasks related to Self Service.

GoalAdditional information
Understanding the features and benefits of Self Service and the pre-requisites for using Self Service.

Overview of Self Service 2.0

Logging on to Self Service based on the type of the user. Retrieving your password and adding a security token when logging from your mobile device.

Logging on to Self Service

Editing your profile details and changing your password.

Editing your profile details

Finding out which articles and service requests are displayed on the related tabs on the Self Service Home page.

Context-based service requests and self-help articles

Troubleshooting the issues related to Self Service.

Finding a solution to your issue

Resolving issues by chatting with a staff member using BMC Remedyforce Chat, without leaving the Self Service site.

Resolving your issues by using BMC Remedyforce Chat

Reporting an issue.

Reporting an issue

Requesting a service using the Service Request form.

Requesting a service

Editing a service request using the Edit button on the Service Request page.

Editing a service request

Viewing self-help articles and rating an article by selecting the required rating. 

Viewing and rating self-help articles

Searching for submitted tickets and service requests and updating a ticket or service request.

Viewing submitted tickets and service requests

Closing and reopening requests.

Closing requests

Reopening requests

Copying tickets or service requests.

Copying tickets or service requests

Approving records and reassigning the record to another approver.

Approving records

Viewing service health dashboardViewing Service Health in Self Service
Managing broadcasts, following a broadcast, and submitting a ticket for broadcast.

Managing broadcasts in Self Service

Searching for your organization's intranet, self-help articles, service requests, and Internet.

Searching the intranet

Searching Self Service

Contacting the service desk using the Contact Us form, viewing quick links to access frequently used websites in Self Service, and understanding the keyboard shortcuts in Self Service.

Contacting the service desk

Accessing quick links

Keyboard shortcuts in Self Service

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