This documentation supports the 20.19.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Supported discovery licenses and features

This topic provides information about several discovery licenses that are available to you and comparison of features among these licenses.

The following video (5:09) explains the Remedyforce discovery licenses.

Discovery licenses

The BMC Remedyforce Base license enables you to discover devices and collect their operating system, hardware configuration, and software inventory. The initial process to discover devices in your network is the same across all licenses. 

If you want to manage your discovered devices with enhanced capabilities (that is performing direct actions such as Remote Control or operational rules), upgrade your discovery license to one of the following:

  • BMC Remedyforce Client Management - Premium
  • BMC Remedyforce Client Management - Premium Plus

For system administrators, the enhanced capabilities are available on scanners to evaluate in BMC Remedyforce Base license. To use the enhanced capabilities on all discovered devices, upgrade to the Premium or Premium Plus license.

Comparison of license features

The following table compares features and options provided with different discovery licenses. (Blank cells indicate unsupported features.)

 BMC Remedyforce BaseBMC Remedyforce Client Management - PremiumBMC Remedyforce Client Management - Premium Plus
Number of scanners (agents)


Based upon purchased quantityBased upon purchased quantity
Number of discovered devices (agentless)50,00050,000 or purchased quantity (whichever is higher)50,000 or purchased quantity (whichever is higher)
Import discovered devices


Access to the BMC Client Management Console
Search for and link a device to an incident or service request(tick)(tick)(tick)

Inventory Management (Agentless Discovery)


Inventory Management (Agent Discovery)


Compliance Management

Deployment Management (Software Distribution)

Patch Management

CMDB Actions
  • Show inventory summary
(tick) 1(tick)(tick)
  • Remote Control
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)
  • View File System
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)
  • View Registry
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)
  • View Windows Events
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)
  • Process Management
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)
  • Services
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)
  • Perform Scan
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)
  • File Transfer

(tick) 2

  • Check Connection
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)
  • Reboot

(tick) 2

  • Shut Down
(tick) 2(tick)(tick)


1 Information is available only on the Hardware and Software tabs.

2 The CMDB action is available only for system administrators on scanners.

Where to go from here

GoalReference section
For BMC Remedyforce - Base Discovery license
Set up agentless discoveryEnabling and configuring agentless discovery
For BMC Remedyforce Client Management - Premium and Premium Plus licenses
Set up discoveryEnabling and configuring agentless discovery
Upgrade your discovery license to Premium or Premium PlusUpgrading your discovery license
Configure Remedyforce for Premium or Premium Plus licenseConfiguring Remedyforce for upgraded discovery licenses
Manage discovered devicesManaging discovered devices

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