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Problem management

Problem Management manages problems and known errors. Problem Management focuses on reducing the number of incidents; either reactively, by preventing incidents from recurring, or proactively by preventing incidents from occurring. An objective of Problem Management is to minimize service disruptions. Creating a problem helps an IT organization to get to the root cause of incidents. It initiates actions that help to improve or correct the problem, preventing the incident from recurring. For example, if computers are running low on disk space and it is discovered during a problem investigation, the problem can be resolved before it becomes an incident that causes a disruption to service.

If you can identify the root cause of an incident, you can designate the problem as a known error. A known error is a problem that has been successfully diagnosed and for which a temporary workaround or permanent solution has been identified. Staff members can use the workaround information in the known error to resolve similar incidents if they occur before the proposed solution has been implemented.

The following video (2:04) provides details about Problem Management in BMC Remedyforce.

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