This documentation supports the 20.19.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Overview of the Task Console tab

You can create and work with tasks by using the console layout or the Salesforce page layout. The Task Console tab is available in the console layout only if your system administrator has configured it. For more information about the different UIs, see Determining the UI that you are using.

For information about using the Task Console tab, see Task management.

The following table describes the features that are available on the Task Console tab.

List view

By default, all records are available in the list view. You can also create a view that suits your requirements. For more information, see You can also filter records in the list based on the view that is selected and search for records.

Note: The record list displays a maximum of 10,000 records.

Broadcast tickerView, follow, or unfollow broadcasts on Chatter by clicking
Chatter feedIf Chatter is enabled for your Salesforce organization, the Chatter feed is displayed above the related lists for a record. After selecting a record, click Details. To display or hide the Chatter feed, click Display Feed or Hide Feed.

The lookups on the Task Console tab provide the following features:

  • All records that are available for the object are displayed. For example, when you click the Account field lookup, all active records of the Account object are displayed.
  • System administrators can create filters on lookup type fields to display filtered records.
  • The Category field lookup window displays categories in the tree view that help you understand the hierarchy in categories while you are creating a record. When you move your mouse over a category, the description of the category is displayed as a tooltip.
Custom actionsAny custom action that the system administrator has added for you is displayed as a button above the related lists.
SearchIn the list view, lookup windows, Link <object> windows, and Matching Incidents window, you can search fields of type Name, Email, Phone, Text, Text Area, Long Text Area, and Rich Text Area. However, fields of type Formula, Lookup, Rollup Summary, Number, and Date and Time are not searched. Also, the search operation matches the beginning characters of the value in a field. Therefore, ensure that you always provide the correct beginning characters for the field value for which you are searching. For example, you are searching for John but you enter ohn. The records that contain John are not displayed. However, if you search for John, all records that contain John (including, for example, Johns or Johnson) are displayed.
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