This documentation supports the 20.19.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Navigating the Remedyforce Administration tab

System administrators can use the Remedyforce Administration tab to configure and administer BMC Remedyforce and the Self Service application. For information about other administrative tasks, see Administering.

You can also search for a configuration setting or option on the Home tab of the Remedyforce Administration tab. For more information Searching for a configuration setting on the Remedyforce Administration tab.

The following table provides information about the quick access links provided on the Remedyforce Administration tab.

Menu linkReference information
Smart SyncYou can import data and configuration settings from the production organization to the sandbox organization. For more information about Smart Sync, see Configuring SmartSync - BETA.
Chat with Remedyforce Support

Chat with Remedyforce Support allows you to initiate a live conversation with a Remedyforce support agent. This feature is available under the following conditions:

  • You have purchased Remedyforce. 
  • The Remedyforce Administrator check box is selected on the user record of the Remedyforce administrator who has access to the Remedyforce Administration tab.
  • The email address of the Remedyforce administrator is associated with the company’s Support ID, and the administrator has the right to create cases on behalf of the company. 

If these conditions are met and a Remedyforce Support agent is available, the administrator will see the Chat with Remedyforce Support link on the Remedyforce Administration tab that they can use to initiate a live chat.

In case the Remedyforce Support agent is not available, the administrator will see the Remedyforce Support Unavailable link.

If the administrator’s email address is not associated with a Support ID or the administrator is not allowed to open cases on behalf of the company, then the administrator will see the Subscribe to Remedyforce Support link. Clicking this link opens the BMC Support web page where the administrator needs to register and provide the Support ID.


  • For trial and sandbox organizations, the Chat with Remedyforce Support feature is not available.
  • If you have not installed Helix BMC Remedyforce 20.20.01 Patch 1 or the later versions, this feature might not work after April 17th 2020 and if you click the Chat with Remedyforce Support link you will see the message Chat with Remedyforce Support is unavailable.
Remedyforce Value Adoption DashboardYou can view an overall score of how your Remedyforce processes are configured. For more information about Remedyforce Value Adoption Dasboard, see Remedyforce Value Adoption Dasboard.

The following table provides links for the information about the tiles that you select from the Home subtab of the Remedyforce Administration tab.

TileReference information
Configure Application 

Configuring BMC Remedyforce

Managing service request definitions

Manage Users

Managing users

Application Settings 

Customizing BMC Remedyforce

Configuring the Remedyforce Console

Configuring the Incident Console and Task Console tabs

Configuring surveys

Manage ObjectsConfiguring objects
Configure Self ServiceConfiguring Self Service
Create Dashboards and ReportsConfiguring dashboards and reports
Configure Email

Enabling staff members to send email messages from a record

Enabling incident creation in BMC Remedyforce by using email messages

Configure CMDB 2.0
Configuring BMC Remedyforce CMDB 2.0
Manage Workflows and Other Processes

Managing services, agreements, and targets

Managing approvals

Managing workflows and other processes


Importing data by using Pentaho packages


License and Storage UsageManaging licenses and storage
Content ManagementManaging smart practices content

You can search for a configuration setting or option on the Home subtab of the Remedyforce Administration tab by entering at least two characters. For example, say that you want to stop the milestone processor. Enter the word "milestone" in the Search text box. The milestone processor-related settings are available on the General Application Settings tile. When you search for "milestone", the General Application Settings tile appears.

When you click the tile, the General Application Settings page is displayed.

Accessing BMC Helix Remedyforce

For trial and sandbox organizations, the Chat with Remedyforce Support feature is not available.

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