This documentation supports the 20.19.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Integrating BMC Remedyforce with TrueSight Operations Management

Newer API Integration Available and Recommended:

The integration method with TrueSight Operations Management that is provided in this section is an older (email) method. For the newer and recommended API integration method, see Integrating BMC ProactiveNet or BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management with BMC Remedyforce

You can integrate BMC Remedyforce with TrueSight Operations Management to create incidents in BMC Remedyforce using the events that are generated in TrueSight Operations Management. This integration enables you to create, update, and close incidents based on the events generated in TrueSight Operations Management. Data in the events is mapped to the fields in the Incident object.

You can also follow the procedures in this section to integrate BMC Remedyforce with ProactiveNet Performance Management.  

The following topics are provided:


Ensure that users who perform the integration procedures have the following permissions:

  • To allow the users to access Salesforce APIs, ensure that the API Enabled check box from the Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > Administrative Permissions section is selected for their profile.
  • Users have read, create, and edit permissions on the Incident object.
  • If a lookup field is mapped, users should at least have the read permission on the lookup object.
  • Users have read and edit permissions on the the fields populated by TrueSight and the following fields of the Incident object:
    • Integration Data
    • Event ID
    • Incident Source 

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