This documentation supports the 20.19.02 version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.

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Incident management

Incident Management enables you to enter, maintain, and resolve client issues. BMC Remedyforce enables you to build a knowledge base as you create and resolve incidents. As you work on an issue, BMC Remedyforce maintains a complete audit trail and records the date and time each action occurred, the staff member who performed the work, and the time spent on working on the issue. This information is available to help solve the next issue or to generate a report for management.

When a client contacts the service desk with an issue, you first determine the nature of the issue. Before you create an incident, determine whether no similar incident has been reported for the client. If the client reported an issue earlier, you search the incident and update the client with the status. On the Remedyforce Console tab, once you select a value in the Client ID or Category field, you can search for similar records by selecting the Incident Matching option from the Agent Tools menu. If possible, you resolve and complete the incident. Otherwise, you ensure that the incident is assigned to the appropriate profile and staff member. If you must create a new incident, capture key information about the client and the incident.

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If your system administrator has enabled the integration between BMC Remedyforce and BMC Client Management, and you are a valid BMC Client Management administrator, you can create incidents that require operational rule deployment. For more information, see Tasks in a BMC Client Management integrated environment.

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