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Assigning a custom color to a change type

The change schedule displays scheduled changes, tasks, and releases for any given day, week, or month. It also displays the service outages and blackout periods that are created by the Change Manager. In the change schedule, each change type is displayed in a particular color. You can assign a custom color to a change type.

When you assign a custom color to a change type, that color is displayed on the change calendar for the corresponding change type. Staff members and Change Managers can quickly identify the change types based on the color assignment. If change types are not assigned with custom colors, staff members and Change Managers must either open a record to identify the change type, or move the mouse cursor over a record (Change Requests, or Releases) displayed on the change schedule and view the tooltip with the change type information. 

You can manage the color displayed for a change type in the change schedule as follows:

Update the default color of an out-of-the-box change typeIf you update the default color assigned to an available out-of-the-box change type with a custom color, and at a later stage want to update it to back to the default color, you must manually select the default color from the color picker.
Assign a color to a custom change typeIf you add more than 18 change types in the Change Type field of the Change Request object, the color assigned to these change types is Silver by default. To update the default Silver color, you must manually select the required color from the color picker for the corresponding change types.

Creating a remote site for a custom domain 

When you access the change schedule settings for the first time, and assign a custom color for a change type, the changes are saved successfully. This action automatically creates the ChangeTypeColor remote site setting, and assigns the remote site URL. Later, if you assign a custom domain, and then assign a custom color for a change type, the changes are not saved. To be able to save the changes, you must perform one of the following actions on the All Remote Sites page after assigning a custom domain:

  • Rename the remote site name from ChangeTypeColor to a unique name of your choice.
  • Delete the ChangeTypeColor remote site.

After completing the action once, if you assign a custom color for a change type, the changes are successfully saved. For more information about remote site configurations, see the Salesforce Help.

To assign a custom color to a change type

  1. Open the change schedule.
    For more information about accessing the change schedule, see Accessing the change schedule. 

  2. Click the Settings icon.

  3. Click the color palette for the corresponding change type in the Change Color Codes popup window, and select the required color from the color picker.


    You can assign the same color for multiple change types. The system does not validate whether the assigned color is unique for a change type, or not.

  4. Click Save.
    On saving, the Change Color Codes popup window and the color picker closes, and the change schedule reloads and displays the assigned colors.

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