Documentation overview

Welcome to the BMC Helix Portal documentation! 

Here's a brief introduction to the documentation and how to make the best use of it. 

What's in this doc space

The BMC Helix Portal documentation is divided into different sections. The following sections can help you get familiar with the content and quickly find the information you need.

Release notes

Find out what's new in this release.

Getting started

Key information to activate free trial and start using the product.

Roles and permissions

Learn how to effectively use the built-in common services.

Using the context-sensitive help

Click the  icon in the product UI pages to launch the context-sensitive help that is available in the BMC documentation portal. 

Using the BMC wiki documentation

Use the following information to get the best documentation experience.

BMC Docs

Provides information about getting started with the BMC documentation portal.


Provides information on how to sign up and access restricted content.


Provides information about the various search capabilities of the BMC documentation portal, including tips on effective searching with labels.


Provides instructions on exporting single pages to PDF or Microsoft Word and exporting multiple (or all) pages in a space to PDF to create a customized "book" for offline viewing.

Getting updates
Provides instructions on setting page or space watches and following us on social media.

Provides helpful information to resolve site-related issues.

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