Product overview

BMC Helix Portal is a SaaS solution with built-in common services on a microservices-based architecture. The product also offers a set of integrated BMC Helix products from a single, unified view for an improved end-user experience. You can navigate easily between applications without the need for separate authentication or integration. You can use common services such as user management, tenant management, and single sign-on for the BMC products that are integrated on BMC Helix Portal.

BMC Helix Dashboards is a SaaS service on the BMC Helix Portal that offers unified reporting and gives you a consolidated view of data from applications across your environment. You can easily create, export, and share interactive dashboards with users within or outside your environment. You can also use template variables to reuse dashboard panels.

You can view data from the following products:

  • BMC Helix Operations Management
  • BMC Helix Automation Console
  • BMC Helix Cloud Security
  • BMC Helix ITSM
  • BMC Helix Business Workflows
  • BMC Helix Virtual Agent
  • BMC Helix Capacity Optimization

The following video (4:49) provides an overview of BMC Helix Dashboards.

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