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Using continuous compliance for databases


Implementing the BMC Continuous Compliance for Database Automation solution enables you to automate and maintain continuous compliance in your data center.

Available use case

After you have installed and configured the BMC Continuous Compliance for Database Automation solution, you can execute the following child use cases.

Use case


Operator-initiated change

This use case enables you to facilitate the tracking of infrastructure change actions initiated by a BMC Database Automation operator, by integrating the execution of BMC Database Automation jobs with BMC Remedy ITSM.

When operations changes are implemented, operators need to document these changes in BMC Remedy ITSM Change Management. To automate this change tracking process, a change request is automatically created in BMC Remedy ITSM when a BMC Database Automation operator submits a job that requires BMC Remedy ITSM tracking and approval. After the change is approved in BMC Remedy ITSM, the job is scheduled for execution in BMC Database Automation.

For a user scenario of the operations-initiated change use case, see User scenario for operator-initiated changes for databases.

For an overview of the solution, see Enforce continuous compliance for databases.

For known issues and workarounds, see Known issues and workarounds in continuous compliance for databases.

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