Troubleshooting problems through the job log

After running the ARA Workflow Job, the job log helps you troubleshoot and resolve problems that you might experience.

To view the log for an ARA Workflow Job run

  1. In the Jobs folder, navigate to the relevant ARA Workflow job, right-click it, and select Show Results.
    All runs of the job and their outcome are displayed below the job.
  2. Select a job run in the display of ARA Workflow Job results, right-click, and select Show Log.
    A window displays log messages generated during the various phases of job execution. The following table describes typical messages from an ARA Workflow Job and provides related troubleshooting information.


Examples of typical messages

Troubleshooting information

Job starts running

Started running the job...

Executing work item Workflow Job...

Input parameters are processed

Workflow Job will use the following input parameters...

BMC Atrium Orchestrator process invoked

AO Process...
Status is: 'IN_PROGRESS'

Directory created for storage of artifact files

Preparing artifacts directory...

Preparing artifacts directory - completed

Common problems in this phase:

  • Target host for the directory does not exist.
  • Target host does not have an RSCD agent installed.
  • RSCD agent on target host is not licensed.
  • Insufficient authorizations to create the directory.

Artifacts retrieved from SCM system

Pulling artifacts from SCM system...

Pulling artifacts from SCM system - completed

Common problems in this phase:

  • SCM script not found.
  • SCM script returned errors.

Child Deploy Job invoked

Launching external job...

Start running child job...

Launching external job - completed

Common problem in this phase:
Child Deploy Job does not exist. It may have been deleted since it was created.

Workflow Job completed

Workflow Job completed. AO Process Status is 'COMPLETED'

The job... has succeeded

If a message that indicates successful completion of the Workflow Job appears, but no messages appear for preceding phases, the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapter for BMC Server Automation may be inactive or experiencing problems. Consult the documentation for this adapter.

For problems in the underlying AO process, consult the BMC Atrium Orchestrator logs, process.log and grid.log, or refer to BMC Atrium Orchestrator documentation.

If all phases were successful but your application was not deployed to the Java EE application server, consult the BMC Application Automation online documentation.

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