Report on compliance status and trends

Reporting on compliance status and trends uses BMC Dashboard for Business Service Management to provide high-end management graphics that depict key performance indicators (KPIs) for servers and network devices throughout the data center. This real-time information lets IT executives, managers, and administrators understand at a glance the current state of data center infrastructure compliance as well as past and future trends.



Compliance dashboard reporting provides information about audits and Compliance Jobs performed, as measured over time. Using this type of decision support information, IT managers can:

  • Identify compliance trends. For example, you can assess how well you are satisfying internal or external build or security requirements.
  • Correlate trends in compliance with trends in the volume of incidents and change requests. For example, dashboards let you identify whether a particular type of software has been installed and perform a trend analysis for failed installations.
  • Correlate compliance trends with trends in time to resolution of incidents.

You can use dashboards to determine at a glance if targeted servers have configurations that match your standards. For example, you can run daily Compliance Jobs to check server configurations. With a dashboard you can easily determine whether any servers have failed this check. This capability can be particularly useful for organizations with sensitive configuration requirements such as payment centers.

In addition, because of its instantaneous nature, dashboard reporting lessens dependence on specialized IT resources required for business reporting.

Other dashboard reporting tools

BMC provides many other categories of dashboard reporting utilities. For a complete list, see the "BMC Dashboards for Business Service Management Quick Start Card."

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