Populating the BUSINESS_SERVICES property

Before you begin

Make sure you have completed the installation and configuration tasks described in Installing products for intelligent server automation and Configuring intelligent server automation.

To populate the BUSINESS_SERVICES property

Follow these steps to create a custom BUSINESS_SERVICES property for all BMC Server Automation servers and populate that property with the Atrium business services each server is associated with.

  1. In the BMC Server Automation Console, choose Configuration > Atrium Integration > Atrium Import Job Configuration from the menu bar.
  2. In the Atrium Import Job Configuration dialog box, click to open each of the five groups of configuration parameters. Specify values for the configuration properties described in Transferring business service data from BMC Atrium CMDB to BMC Server Automation.
  3. When filling out the configuration properties, take a look at the following BUSINESS_SERVICES properties, located in the BladeLogic Property Detailsgroup:

    Server custom property to store impacted Business Services: This shows the hard coded property name BUSINESS_SERVICES. This is the server property that will list the BMC Atrium business services associated with a server.
    Custom property value separator: A server can be associated with more than one business service. By default, the system separates multiple business services with commas. If you want to use a different separator (for example, a semi-colon), specify it here.

  4. Open the Jobs workspace and create a job folder to store your Atrium Import Job.
  5. Right-click a job folder and choose New > Atrium Import Job. Fill out the job wizard panels as prompted — specify a name for your job, when you want it to run, and so on. (For detailed information about job settings, see Creating and modifying BMC Server Automation jobs in the BMC Server Automation documentation.


    To keep business service information current, BMC recommends that you schedule this job to run on a regular basis, perhaps weekly.

  6. When the job completes, examine the server's properties. Note that the BUSINESS_SERVICES property displays the BMC Atrium business services associated with this server.

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