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Orchestrate change through Workflow Jobs

IT administrators typically need to automate common, repeatable tasks by creating standard workflows.

Using BMC Atrium Orchestrator, you can can define your own customized workflows using BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio. Then you can run these customized workflows remotely as a BMC Server Automation Workflow Job from the BMC Server Automation Console.


Running BMC Atrium Orchestrator processes via Workflow Jobs lets you:

  • Take advantage of BMC Server Automation job features and capabilities, such as powerful access control, flexible job scheduling, and job-related notifications.
  • Generate logs with details about the execution of the Workflow Job and its underlying BMC Atrium Orchestrator process.
  • View a full history and results for all job runs based on the BMC Atrium Orchestrator process, including results of any secondary BMC Server Automation jobs called by the Workflow Job.

What to do next

To orchestrate change through Workflow Jobs, you must perform the following tasks:

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