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Continuous compliance for databases


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IT administrators typically need to coordinate configuration management processes with other Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, such as incident management and change management.

Part of Compliance Automation, the BMC Continuous Compliance for Database Automation solution automates the integration of BMC Database Automation monitoring, auditing, compliance, and remediation processes with IT management systems such as BMC Remedy ITSM.

The integration with BMC Remedy ITSM is accomplished through BMC Atrium Orchestrator and standard application interfaces (APIs).

Overview of the solution

Implementing the BMC Continuous Compliance for Databases Automation solution:

  • Enables compliance to the change process without requiring IT personnel to manually create change tickets
  • Reduces the risk of unauthorized and unplanned changes through enforced change tracking and automated documentation of all changes

The Continuous Compliance for Database Automation solution consists of the use case shown in the following figure:

When you implement the BMC Continuous Compliance for Database Automation solution, you can execute the Operator-initiated changes workflow.

For descriptions of how to execute the workflows, see Using continuous compliance for databases.

Prior to executing these use cases, the data center technical personnel who are responsible for setting up the Continuous Compliance for Database Automation solution must complete the installation process and configuration procedures required to implement the solution.

Where to go from here

To enable the Continuous Compliance for Database Automation use cases, you must perform the following tasks:





Install required products

Installing products for continuous compliance for databases

 Configure required productsConfiguring continuous compliance for databases


Execute the workflows

Using continuous compliance for databases

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