Configuring products for orchestrating change through Workflow Jobs

This topic describes the configuration needed for this use case.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have completed the installation tasks described in Installing products for orchestrating change through Workflow Jobs

Configuration roadmap

The following table lists the configuration tasks that are required. It also provides pointers to publications with detailed instructions.


Products involved

Description and reference

Step 1. Activate the relevant modules that contain the processes that you plan to use in Workflow Jobs and enable all relevant adapters.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator

You must determine what modules in BMC Atrium Orchestrator contain processes you need to include in a Workflow Job. You must set up the relevant modules in BMC Atrium Orchestrator so you can choose the appropriate processes from those modules. If you are using adapters you must enable them. For information about modules and processes, see Developing workflows. If you are using adapters, refer to the documentation for the appropriate adapter.

Step 2. Install and configure the BMC Server Automation adapter for BMC Atrium Orchestrator.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator

If you are planning to use complex workflows that involve child jobs, you must set up the adapter for BMC Server Automation. See BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapter for BMC Server Automation.

Step 3. Grant the role defined for the adapter (typically BLADMINS) permission to execute any type of BMC Server Automation job that you want to execute through a Workflow Job.

BMC Server Automation

To grant permissions to roles, use the RBAC capabilities of BMC Server Automation. To grant full permission to a Workflow Job, give a role the WorkflowJob.* authorization. If a Workflow Job is running other types of BMC Server Automation jobs, you must grant permission for each of those types of jobs as well. For example, if a Workflow Job is running a Compliance Job, you should grant appropriate authorizations for Compliance Jobs, such as the ComplianceJob.* authorization. For more information about granting permissions to roles, see Managing access in the BMC Server Automation online documentation.

Step 4. Configure BMC Atrium Orchestrator input parameters for any process you want to associate with a Workflow Job.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator

By default, any input parameters that have been defined for a BMC Atrium Orchestrator process (within its Start activity) are passed on to the BMC Server Automation Workflow Job as string-type input parameters. To enable the use of the full range of BMCf Server Automation input types in the Workflow Job, as well as to organize the input parameters on Workflow Job panels, you must modify the original process in BMC Atrium Orchestrator. For detailed instructions on how to make these modifications, see Configuring input parameters in a process in the BMC Server Automation online documentation.

Step 5. Include BLCLI commands in a BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Actor adapter.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator, BMC Server Automation

To take full advantage of Workflow Job results, you must include certain BLCLI commands in the BMC Atrium Orchestrator process. For a list of the BLCLI commands, see List of BLCLI commands for inclusion in a process in the BMC Server Automation online documentation. For details on setting up the BMC Server Automation Adapter for BMC Atrium Orchestrator, see Configuring BMC Atrium Orchestrator components for Continuous Compliance for Server Automation. For details on using BLCLI commands, see the BMC Server Automation BLCLI Help.

Step 6. Configure the connection between BMC Server Automation and BMC Atrium Orchestrator.

BMC Server Automation

Through the BMC Server Automation Console, you must add the configuration information required to connect to BMC Atrium Orchestrator. For more information, see Setting up the connection to BMC Atrium Orchestrator in the BMC Server Automation online documentation.

Step 7. Select the BMC Atrium Orchestrator modules that contain the processes you initially plan to use in Workflow Jobs.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator

Before you create Workflow Jobs and select BMC Atrium Orchestrator processes in Workflow Jobs, you must perform an initial selection of the BMC Atrium Orchestrator modules that you plan to use. This filtering task limits your subsequent choice of BMC Atrium Orchestrator processes during the creation of Workflow Jobs to the relevant processes that are contained within the selected BMC Atrium Orchestrator modules. For details on how to perform this filtering, see Choosing modules for Workflow Jobs in the BMC Server Automation online documentation.

Where to go next

After you have installed and configured the required products, you can begin orchestrating change through Workflow Jobs.

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