Adding the required modules for Continuous Compliance for Database Automation

As part of the configuration of the Continuous Compliance for Database Automation solution, you must activate modules on the grid.

To activate modules on the grid

  1. Using Grid Manager, select Manage > Modules.
  2. From the Modules in Repository list, select the modules required for the run book (shown in the list below), and then click Activate.
    • AMP-AD-BMC-Remedy-ARS
    • AO-AD-BMC_Database_Automation
    • BMC_Database_Automation-SA-ITSM_Integration
    • AutoPilot-OA-Change_Management
    • AutoPilot-OA-Common_Utilities
    • AutoPilot-OA-Task_Management


If you modify the modules, you must export them to the repository to make the updated modules are available on the grid. Using the Import and Unbundle function in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio, export the modules to the repository. If you import the modules directly from a local disk, they are not available to peers until you export them to the repository. For more information about exporting modules to a repository, see the BMC Atrium Orchestrator System Administration Guide.

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