Verifying the connection to BMC Server Automation

If the adapter has successfully connected to BMC Server Automation, your first command will run successfully. For your first command, it is best to send a simple request to the adapter, just to verify that the connection is valid. An example is the default BLCLI command shown below (with the namespace and IP address modified for your system):

<command executable-type="cli" timeout-secs="30">

If the command completes successfully, the adapter configuration is valid.

If a simple command fails, there is an issue with the adapter configuration or the request that is preventing the adapter from running the command properly. The adapter response will list an error message, and further information might be available in the $PEER_HOME/tomcat/logs/grid.log file. For more information about logging in BMC Atrium Orchestrator, see the Troubleshooting topic in the BMC Atrium Orchestrator online documentation.

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