Silent uninstallation of BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration

  1. Copy the contents of one of the following sample files depending on the database type being used by BMC Decision Support for Server Automation and the installation environment:

  2. Navigate to the folder where the uninstall program is located.
  3. Run the uninstall program with the -i silent option as follows:

    {{BL2AtriumunUninstallerName -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="silentOptionsFilePath"}}

    • Use an absolute path to the options file.
    • Enclose the path in double quotation marks (").

       {{BL-Atrium Installation Directory UninstallBMCBL2Atrium;uninstall.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="C:\Installers\options_file_uninst.txt"}}

See Silent installation of BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration for a list of options that are available for the silent installation.

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