Performing the BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration installation

The following topics provide information about installing BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration.


The BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration installer supports the English, French, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese locales only.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that compatible versions of BMC Server Automation, BMC Atrium CMDB, and BMC Atrium Integrator are installed, licensed, and running. For more information about the tested and compatible product versions for this release, see BladeLogic Atrium Integration product compatibility matrix.


    • BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration works with all the supported databases of BMC Decision Support for Server Automation. For information about this product, see BMC Decision Support for Server Automation documentation.
    • For the latest information, see the product compatibility matrix for BMC Server Automation on the Support website.
  • Run the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tool before installing BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration.
  • You need a user name and password for the EPD site. You can register and obtain credentials at
  • Obtain a support ID and password for BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration from your BMC Software sales representative.
  • You need all the information listed in Installation worksheet for BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration.

Where to go from here

During installation, BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration creates transformation and jobs.

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