The Upgrading section is applicable only for a TrueSight Automation Console (on-premises) installation.

BMC Helix Automation Console (SaaS) is not available for an on-premises installation. 

Complete the steps required to prepare for an upgrade and then upgrade to this version. 

Supported upgrade paths

Consult the following table for the supported upgrade paths. 

Current versionUpgrade to
20.0220.02 Patch 1 (20.02.01)

TrueSight Automation Console upgrade process

Step 1: Prepare for upgrade

Complete the pre-upgrade tasks.

Download the installation file and complete the pre-upgrade tasks.Preparing for upgrade

Step 2: Upgrade the product

When you upgrade, TrueSight Automation Console application is updated.


Upgrade the Stack Manager tool and then using a single script in the Stack Manager tool, upgrade the application server.

When you upgrade the application, the underlying database schema are also upgraded.

Performing the upgrade

Where to go next?

After a successful upgrade, the TrueSight Server Automation connector does not need any configuration. If you had configured the optional TrueSight Orchestration and Discovery connectors before the upgrade, no change is required. 

If you had not configured the optional connectors, you can choose to configure them based on your requirements. For details, see Configuring connectors

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