Service Level Agreements

SLAs define the period (in days) before which the missing patches or identified vulnerabilities need to be remediated.

While configuring SLAs, you specify a deadline (period in days before which the missing patches or vulnerabilities must be remediated) and a warning threshold (period in days after which the missing patches or vulnerabilities run into the risk of missing the deadline). SLAs for all severity levels are preconfigured with default values.

By default, warning thresholds are set to 80% of the deadline period. For example, for a severity level of 5 - Critical, if the Deadline is set as 30 days, the Warning Threshold is at 24 days.

On the Automation Console Dashboard, the total number of assets in your environment and the number of assets according to their Service Level Agreement (SLA) levels appears. For more information, see Using Dashboards

Where to go from here

To update SLAs that match your organizations standards, see Working with Service Level Agreements

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