The Assets page in the application lists the managed, scanned, and discovered assets.

The Managed Assets tab shows a list of assets that are available in TrueSight Server Automation. When patch policies identify missing patches on assets, the assets with missing patches and other details appear on the Managed Assets page. Missing patches are identified only for assets with Windows or Linux operating systems.

The Scanned Assets tab shows a list of assets imported from a vulnerability scan file, their mapping to endpoints in an endpoint manager, and the number of vulnerabilities identified for each asset. 

After you import a vulnerability scan file in BMC Helix Automation Console and TrueSight Automation Console, assets are automatically mapped to endpoints managed by the endpoint manager, TrueSight Server Automation. During auto-mapping, Automation Console matches the FQDN or hostname and then the IP address of an asset in a scan to the endpoint. Vulnerabilities are not automatically mapped to remediation content unless assets are mapped. If an asset is decommissioned in TrueSight Server Automation and an operation is not created for remediating missing patches or vulnerabilities, the asset gets unmapped in Automation Console. 

Automation Console may not always correctly auto-map all the endpoints because the firewalls, load balancers, and proxies can cause discrepancies in mapping. You can manually map each unmapped asset to a single endpoint only. If you map an asset to an endpoint, which is already mapped, the existing mapping is overwritten and the asset is mapped to the new endpoint. 

In BMC Helix Automation Console (SaaS) only, on the Scanned Assets page, you can add tags to the assets. To enter tag information, you export the assets data to a CSV file or in Advanced Search, you can download a CSV template. Later, you upload the updated CSV file back in Automation Console. In addition to the existing filters, tags provide another criterion to select a particular asset or a group of assets while creating a vulnerability remediation operation.

The Discovered Assets tab shows the assets that are discovered by BMC Discovery. You configure the BMC Discovery connector to ensure that unmanaged, unscanned, and total number of discovered assets are sent to Automation Console. 

The total number of assets for each category appears at the top of the page. You can perform a basic or advanced search using filters to look for specific data. 

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To view a list of discovered assets, assets with vulnerabilities and missing patches, and map assets, see Working with assets

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