20.02.01: Patch 1 for BMC Helix Automation Console version 20.02

This topic contains information about the updates and fixes in Patch 1 for BMC Helix Automation Console (SaaS).

Known and corrected issues

For information about issues corrected in this patch, see Known and corrected issues.


This patch contains these updates:

Support for creating and approving change requests for patch remediation operations 

When you create operations for applying missing patches on assets, you can now create a change request in the change management system, which tracks the operation, and goes through a change approval process. In 20.02, integration with BMC Remedy IT Service Management system was already supported for the vulnerability remediation operations. If you have enabled the integration, no additional configuration is required to enable change creation and approval for a patch operation. 

For more information, see Change automation

Tagging assets

On the Scanned Assets page, you can now add tags to the assets imported from a vulnerability scan results file. While creating a vulnerability remediation operation, you can choose assets based on the tags.

To add tags, you must export the assets data into a CSV file, enter tag information in a key:value pair format, and then import the updated CSV file back in Automation Console. Alternatively, you can download the CSV template from the Advanced Search option and upload the same file in Automation Console after entering the information details about assets and tags. 

For more information, see Working with assets.

User experience enhancements

This patch also provides the following miscellaneous enhancements that improve your experience:

EnhancementSee topic
Ability to browse and select the Default Depot Path and Default Job Patch while working with security groups.Working with security groups
Support for viewing and selecting vulnerabilities on the basis of its mapping status added to the advanced filter.Working with risks
Option to export data from the Risks > Vulnerabilities page to a CSV file. Working with risks
Number of missing patches on the impacted assets are also displayed on the Vulnerability Dashboard > Top 10 Business Services at Risk widget.Using the Vulnerability Dashboard
Deleting a draft vulnerability remediation deletes all sub-operations associated with the draft one.Working with operations

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